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Gerbang myMMS Kerajaan
Taklimat Pelaksanaan Gerbang myMMS Kerajaan di Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran Malaysia (JPS)
Flood Monitoring System
A more user friendly web that shows realtime rainfall and waterlevel data. Useful for indicators of potential flooding or landslides.
Drought Monitoring System
Online info on water resources status, early warning on potential drought and drought status for Penisular Malaysia.

Supply of Data
We provide hydrology data such as rainfall, water level, sediment and water quality data.
National Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) System
Golok River Basin Information Portal
Malaysia - Thailand Joint Information Portal on the Golok River Basin

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Hydrology Procedure

Rainfall and Water level

National Hydrological Network

Debris and Mudflow Warning System

Golok River Hydrological Information

Targeted more for DID
Malaysia IHP
Website for Malaysia IHP.
Flood Monitoring System
Realtime rainfall and waterlevel data. Useful for indicators of potential flooding or landslides.
FWRS System
Flood Warning and Reporting System.

Hydrology Updates
Latest happenings in Water Resources Management and Hydrology Division.(In Malay Only)
Malaysian Hydrology Society
Malaysian Hydrology Society Website
HP 27
HP No.1 - Estimation of Design Rainstorm in Peninsular Malaysia
Online Reporting System Sistem Melapor 'Online'
Flood Reporting
Tel. No For State Police
Drought Reporting

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