Golok River Hydrological Information  
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Golok River which commands a catchment area of 2,175 sq. km is a transboundry river between Malaysia and Thailand. About half of the catchment lies in Thailand and Malaysia respectively. With the establishment of Golok River Basin Commision in 1979, there have been a number of joint cooperative projects/programmes between the two countries with the aim of implementing sustainable development programmes beneficial to both countries. One of the programmes is the establishment of a web-based information system whereby both countries can access and share hydrological information gathered through a network of hydrological stations currently operational at the respective sub basins.

In recent years, flooding seems to have increased in frequency and magnitude. Structural measures to mitigate flood are invariably expensive. River bunds have often been overtopped resulting in severe damage. Flood monitoring, forecasting and warning services often constitute an important component to reduce flood damages in terms of life saving and property damage.

On the Malaysian side the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID) maintains a network of hydrological stations which comprises two telemetry stations (rainfall and water level stations).The telemetry station at Kampung Jenob provides a preliminary forecast of flood levels for the downstream station at Rantau Panjang.

The proposal to construct a new cableway gauging station for Golok River at Rantau Panjang was forwarded to the Royal Thailand Consulate General in 1999. The gauging station was finally constructed in March 2009 and is expected to complete by end of December 2009. With the establishment of this gauging station, flood peak discharges can be captured by both countries. The data gathered by both countries can be shared as a supplementary data which then could be used as the basic data and information for the planning, development and management of water resources of the Golok River Basin.